Our Preschool/Kindergarten lovingly serves up to 14 children and is led by two teachers – a 7:1 ratio.

Our early childhood teachers works with the young child first by creating a warm, beautiful and loving home-like environment.  The environment is protective and secure and things happen in a predictable, regular manner.

The children’s power of imagination is nurtured by sharing carefully  selected stories and encouraging creative play.   Children act out scenarios of their own creation, which helps them to experience many aspects of life beyond their immediate surroundings. Toys children interact with are made of natural materials such as, wood, cotton, silk, shells, pine cones, and stones to enhance their senses.

The teachers engages in domestic, practical, and artistic activities that the children can easily imitate. For example, children participate in baking, painting, gardening, and  crafts. The teacher adapts the activities to the changing seasons and festivals of the year to allow the children to understand the world around them.

In this truly natural, loving, and creative environment, the children are given a range of activities and the structure to succeed as an individual in an educational setting. Using their heads, hearts, and hands, children experience sensory integration, hand-eye coordination, sequencing, appreciation of the beauty of language, and develop essential skills for the foundation of academic excellence.

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We offer different schedules to fit your family's needs.

2 - 5 days

Part Day Classes are 8:30am - 12:45pm

Full Day Classes are 8:30am - 3:00pm