Dear Families, Friends and Alumni of The Rock Rose Village School,

       Thank you for being a part of our beloved school community. As we now enter into Autumn, we will begin to settle into our rhythm at Rock Rose. Just as rhythm is an important part of our lives, the Annual Giving campaign is a vital part of the rhythm in the life of our school!

       We acknowledge that all families already make a significant financial contribution to the school with tuition. This tuition only covers the operational basics. In order for us to be able to do anything above our basic necessities, we need to have an Annual Giving Campaign.

This perennial event, begins now and will extend until Wednesday, December 19th, 2018. It is a time for families to join together in giving to the school in order to create something beautiful. This year our theme is centered on a symbol of growth, the sunflower, and we will use the image as a way to measure our success and help us to interpret what this perennial event means.

        We selected a sunflower because it is an annual. An annual seed needs to be planted every year in order to grow. A perennial is planted once and, with care, it continues to grow. Both annuals and perennials need nourishment to continue to grow and be healthy. Rock Rose is a perennial, planted here, on this land, with ten years to grow. The “planting” of the school, came by means of committed teachers, school families, and generous community members. They have all been inspired by the vision to preserve this school as a working landscape. This landscape is not just an idyllic backdrop; it is integral to our Waldorf curriculum. The school needs nourishment to continue to be healthy. Annual Giving gifts are this nourishment that needs to occur every year.

        This year, we are asking for your support to help us create a magical secret garden feel. We are raising money to plant trees and build a natural mud wall that will run along the road above the outdoor playground. It will will provide protection from noise and passing traffic.  We have formed a relationship with an award winning design firm specializing in green building practices, Simple Construct ( They have visited our site and are excited to design a garden wall that incorporate organic shapes, spaces for planting, decorative niches and small windows.

       Remember, your gift level reflects your budget: give what you can. Some may be able to invest $2500, some $25. All donations are significant and appreciated. The most important component of this campaign is full participation. Having 100% of the school community chipping in gives us credibility with other fundraising components, like grant proposals and personal inquiries.

    Whatever amount suits your family: there are three ways to give:

  1. At the sign in/out table, there will be a big sunflower on an envelope where you can place your gift form (on the brochure) and contribution.
  2. Mail it to the office. Tear out the gift form and send it with your gift to: The Rock Rose School, P.O. Box 1538; Fallbrook, CA 92088.
  3. Give on our web site: Click the “Donate” tab on our giving page. This takes you to our PayPal account. Once you enter your amount and click, please enter your relationship to Rock Rose in the comment section.

      Apply the theme by “sowing some seeds” and send the provided brochures to family and friends. Encourage them to support your commitment to your child’s education at Rock Rose. We have included a sample letter that you can use to send along with it. Personalize this letter with stories specific to your child’s experience to enhance its power to motivate their support.

Also, many employers will match your contributions to the school. You can inquire with your employer if they offer matching for non-profits.

      To measure our success, we will be coloring a sunflower on the wall by the mudroom steps. For every thousand dollars we receive, we will color a petal! Although the goal is $20,000, we would really love to paint all of the petals!

      Thank you for being part of this community of learners—children, faculty, parents, staff, board, and community members.

       Funds raised in this year’s campaign support the programs that make our children’s education so rich. It is our hope that all families will participate at whatever level they are able. We are striving for 100% participation. All donations, regardless of the amount, are deeply appreciated. Since we are a non-profit school, your donation is tax deductible.

      On behalf of the board and teachers, we would like to thank you in advance for your support and acknowledge the important role that YOU play in the life and future of our school.


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